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Penis Pop (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for "Penis Pop"
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Penis Pop

I found a fun treat lying on Anthony’s bed, a handful of penis shaped lollipop. I couldn’t resist the temptation of jumping into bed and unwrapping one of those bad boys. I got a little too excited and Anthony caught me sucking hard on a penis pop. I bet he started to imagine my lips wrapped around his own cock because he immediately dropped his pants.

Tex Holcum gets a mouthful of Anthony Steven’s cocks and lollipops in the Asiancy Season 10, Episode 11 “Penis Pop”.

Never Again (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for "Never Again".
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Never Again

Coda and I both dated the groom in the past. He always wanted to have sex in outlandish scenarios. I would never have sex in public or have sex in my parent’s car again, thanks to him. Coda, on the other hand, would never have sex blindfolded again but he is missing out. He just needed to be with someone with a little more experience to show him the fun. I wrapped a blindfold on him and let him feel the sexual sensations.

Coda opens up to being blindfolded during sex again for Dominic Pacifico in The Asiancy Season 10, Episode 10 “Never Again”.

Pin the Cock on the Jock (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for "Pin the Cock on the Jock".