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No Tip (Photo Gallery)

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No Tip

I grew tired of waiting for Steven, the housekeeper, to bring me my extra blankets and pillows. When he came by my room, he had the audacity to ask for a tip for his slow service. I had enough of his bullshit and put this hot shot in his place. I grabbed his shirt, threw him on the bed, and put those extra linens to good use.

Watch Isaac Lin give Steven Walker what he wants in Novella Series Season 6 Episode 6 “No Tip”.

Taste Test (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for "Taste Test"
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Taste Test

I was not planning on staying very long during my day trip until I met Steven. He invited me to stay at this new bed and breakfast. His charm and sales skills were almost convincing but what mattered to me was his enormous package. Steven brought me to a room and gave me the full experience.

Watch Steven Walker give Dominic Pacifico a big reason to stay at the bed and breakfast in Novella Series Season 6, Episode 3 "Marketing Tactics".

Cleaning Crew (Photo Gallery)

Photo gallery for "Cleaning Crew"