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The Reunion: Frat Rush - Photos

"Cum-miserating" with Alex Chu about our hazing, I agree it was pretty shitting; being dragged out into the woods in the middle of the night is just part of being a Fuck U Boy. I do confess, seeing his hard cock that night as he blew me was a turn on; Alex leans in for a kiss. Feeling the same way, we are both soon naked and sucking one another; I position my ass onto his face for some tasty rimming. On all fours, I look back and ask, "wanna fuck me?" Taking his full thick cock all the way in from the get go, has me panting, but I fuckin' love the sensation. As we change it up several times, I realize no matter what position we're in, Alex keeps it fast and deep; the penetration is perfect. Sweaty and red, he asks, "like that?" I know I am close. Jerking myself, Alex has me blowing onto my stomach; my thick load gets my heart pounding. With a few more thrusts, he then pulls out and blasts on top of me; I watch as his cock throbs. I think we both agree, we are Fuck U Boys for life. The bottom model in this hot video is Kai.
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Restless and horny, Peter Le

Restless and horny, Peter Le busts a nut on This Asian hottie’s got what it takes to entertain you: a gorgeous body, uncut cock, and whatever trouble he can get you into. Bare and blowing, Peter keeps the action going until every last drop is enjoyed; it’s what I’d call a tight hairy “cum-pilation.”
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The Reunion Episode 1: The Christening

It was a "Welcome Back" exchange between College Students David and Tex Holcum, and also marked the long awaited return of Tex Holcum to porn! I was really happy to have him back. As the two talk about all the wild sex that used to go on in their frat house, they can't help but think they have to prepare the house for what's to cum: which is why they have some really hot sex to christen the place! I am also really happy to introduce you all to David; he is a very cute Asian (Vietnamese American) college twink with an amazing ass; which is probably why we couldn't stop Tex from burying his face inside it, even after the cameras stopped rolling!

The Reunion - Pics

Enjoy the sexy pics of David and Tex Holcum from this week's "The Reunion" Video.

Peter Fever Fitness Workout - Kettle Ball Blast

In this week's bonus update, I demonstrate how to create an amazing physique in this high impact kettle ball work out. Whether at home, in the park or at the gym these simple exercises are perfect both for beginners looking for a great home workout or advanced users looking to expand their workout routines. Sign up now to start working out with me!